Prof. OHGAKI Hideaki, Kyoto University, Japan

Prof. Hideaki OHGAKI (Dr.Eng) is professor of Institute of Advanced
Energy, Kyoto University. He graduated from KYUSHU Unviersity, 1988, and was engaged at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology till 2001, and moved to Kyoto University.  His original field is nuclear engineering, and has interest in electron
accelerators and quantum beams. On the other hands, he has an interest in renewable energy system, especially in their implementation toward sustainable development in ASEAN by international collaboration. 
He is acting as a coordinator of the energy engineering field of AUN/SEED-Net program promoted by JICA since 2014. 
He has been appointed as a representative of energy and environmental field in JASTIP promoted by JST since 2015. So far, he published more than 200 international reviewed papers, 15-patents, and 76-invited talks.

Assoc. Prof. Iman Kartolaksono Reksowardojo, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Prof. Masato Aketagawa, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

Prof. Dr. Masato AKETAGAWA received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from Department of Applied Physics at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, in 1983 and 1985, respectively. He joined Canon Company from 1985 to 1990 as a researcher of Excimer laser lithography equipment. After that, he joined Nagaoka University of Technology. He received his Doctor of Engineering from Nagaoka University of Technology in 1997. He is now a Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in applied physics, precision machinery, precision engineering, scanning probe microscope, optical interferometer, and especially picometer measurement. From his lab, 110 master students and 8 doctoral students completed their courses. The 8 doctoral students are from Thailand (3), Vietnam (3) and Japan (2).

Prof. Norihisa Miki, Keio University

Prof. Felix Ziegler, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Assoc. Prof. Pham Hoang Luong, Hanoi University of Science and Technology